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Tree Removal Tacoma


It should be a top priority to have any diseased or damaged trees removed as soon as possible from your property in Tacoma. To do so you will need the help of a professional tree removal company.

Five Star Tree Service is a reputable tree removal company that offers high quality tree removal services for Tacoma, WA residents. When you work with us you will receive tree removal services that make sure that our solutions take into consideration the:

  • Safety of the nearby structures
  • Use of advanced techniques
  • Get work done by experts

You should choose us for efficient tree removal services as we are proficient in our work. We not only offer tree removal services for trees that are diseased or have fallen, we also provide tree care services including pruning and stump grinding.

Tree Removal Service Tacoma


Trees are removed from properties for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are diseased, have died, or possibly have been blown over in a storm. Whatever the reason, you need a professional tree removal company that offers excellent service at reasonable prices. When searching for that right tree removal company in Tacoma look for one that has:

  • An excellent reputation
  • Strong recommendations
  • Is reliability
  • Offers professionalism in their dealings

We offer you all of these and much more. Not only do you receive these attributes but you will enjoy the best in customer service in the area. Couple all this with our extremely competitive prices and you have found the best tree removal service in Tacoma.

Tacoma Tree Removal Company


When it is about the safety of your home and family, you want the best local tree removal company in Tacoma to take care of tree cutting and removal. You cannot rely on an inexperienced tree cutting service simply because it is charging less. You should choose us as your tree removal company in Tacoma as we:

  • Never compromise on the quality of service
  • Are licensed and insured
  • Have skilled and trained professionals
  • Provide customized services

As your tree removal company, we will make sure that the damaged or diseased tree is removed carefully. We will not let any stumps remain as they are a landscape hazard and a breeding ground for pests and insects. We will also clean the area and remove sawdust or debris.

If you need tree removal services in Tacoma, can call Five Star Tree Service at (206) 316-9777. Call today to arrange an appointment.

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