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Tree Service Bellevue

Tree Service Bellevue WAWhen you have trees on your property, regular professional tree care services are an essential requirement! Five Star Tree Service is the local company that will meet your needs for tree service in Bellevue, WA.

We are one of the leading tree trimming companies serving the area and specialize in other jobs such as stump grinding, tree removal, and logging. Our company takes pride in helping its customers benefit from the most efficient tree services while paying the most competitive tree service prices.

Call us for tree service in Bellevue that helps you:

  • Enhance the beauty of your property
  • Receive optimal pleasure and use from your trees
  • Contribute to environmental health

Tree Removal Bellevue

Tree Removal Bellevue WAThough trees should receive proper care and maintenance, there are times when tree removal is recommended.

Decaying trees that are in danger of falling on structures or people should be removed quickly. Tree removal is inevitable for storm-damaged trees or diseased trees when there is no treatment to save them.

We offer tree removal services for Bellevue residents to help them get rid of dead, dying or dangerous trees.

You can also call on our tree removal experts remove any trees that have fallen or take out the trees that you no longer want in the yard.

We attend to your job with seasoned tree service experts who recognize the potential hazards in tree removal and take care that the work is done with:

  • Careful attention to detail
  • Utmost precision
  • Safety as a top priority

Logging Bellevue

Logging Bellevue WAThe timber from trees is necessary to make daily living comfortable and convenient. Cutting and collecting lumber requires the help of logging experts. We provide the essential logging services in Bellevue.

Our tree service company can handle any big or small logging project. We employ trained technicians with experience in logging and have highly advanced logging equipment. Our professionals follow a well-designed logging process to ensure that every logging job goes smoothly and results in optimal lumber harvest.

We also make sure that our logging crew works:

  • Keeping in mind strict safety practices and guidelines
  • In compliance with the local codes and regulations
  • With an eye on land preservation and eco-friendliness

Call us today to ask for the logging help you need!

Trust your tree care, logging and tree removal jobs in Bellevue only to skilled professionals. Call Five Star Tree Service at (206) 316-9777.

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