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Tree Service Centralia

Tree Service Centralia WAGorgeous and healthy trees make a wonderful investment, adding beauty to the property, increasing its resale value and cleansing the air around it. The investment needs to be protected through specialized tree service. Among other things, regular tree pruning or trimming is required to keep trees in good condition.

Five Star Tree Service provides the Centralia, WA area property owners with the much-needed tree care and maintenance services. One of the leading tree trimming companies around, we have highly experienced tree service experts who are skilled at selective tree pruning to remove limbs that are:

  • Overgrown
  • Crowded
  • Diseased
  • Dead
  • Hazardous

Skillful tree pruning improves the tree structure, stops spread of disease, increases light and air penetration, stimulates growth, and provides clearance for nearby buildings or cables.

Our tree service for Centralia properties is not limited to tree pruning. We also offer professional services for tree removal, stump grinding, and logging; all at very competitive tree service prices.

Tree Removal Centralia

Tree Removal Centralia WAIt is best to hire professionals for tree removal from your Centralia property. The job can be extremely strenuous, tricky, risky and time-consuming. It also calls for specialized, heavy-duty equipment. DIY tree removal by an average property owner is just out of question.

Give us a call whenever you find yourself in need of tree removal services. This could be when you have a:

  • Fallen tree in the driveway or garden
  • Storm-damaged tree about to snap and fall
  • Severely diseased tree that is dying and has no chance of revival
  • Tree that grows in or has spread to an undesirable spot

Our tree removal crew comes in with the industry’s top-line tools, from saws to safety harnesses, to take out your tree safely.

Logging Centralia

Logging Centralia WALooking for logging experts to clear a backyard that is filled with large trees? Need logging services to harvest the timber on the property? Want logging help to carry out road clearing work? Call us!

We are the logging specialists in the Centralia region that you can trust for highly efficient, code-compliant, eco-friendly and safe services. No matter how big or small your logging job, we complete it seamlessly. We:

  • Follow a finely-planned logging process
  • Put technicians with vast logging experience to work
  • Use the finest logging equipment
  • Protect your interests throughout the logging job

Call Five Star Tree Service at (206) 316-9777 for tree pruning, tree removal or logging in Centralia.

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