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Tree Service Poulsbo

Tree Service Paulsbo WAA lot of time and effort goes into growing a sapling into a magnificent tree. Lack of proper tree maintenance will harm beautiful trees. It does not have to happen to your trees. Western Washington Tree Service is the company to call to ensure it does not happen!

We offer tree service in Poulsbo, WA to meet the needs of residents for tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding. We also offer logging services. We are a family-owned, licensed, bonded and insured tree service company. As an experienced and professional company, we provide tree services to our clients ensuring that their property retains its:

  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Financial value
  • Curb appeal

We offer you the choice of a one-time service or we will be happy to work with you and establish a maintenance package that will truly take care of your trees and will fit within your budget requirements.

Tree Removal Poulsbo

Tree Removal Paulsbo WAMany times, freak tree related accidents have left people hurt and their properties damaged. One way to prevent this from happening is to have your trees properly pruned and trimmed when required. We offer professional tree removal services for Poulsbo residents. You can call us for tree removal when you have the following:

  • Unwanted trees
  • Dangerously hanging trees
  • Dead and decayed trees

DIY tree removal can be dangerous. Without proper equipment and technique, tree removal can cause more damage to your property. Instead of trying to do it yourself call the experts, Western Washington Tree Service. You will find our service next to none and our pricing quite affordable.

Logging Poulsbo

Logging Paulsbo WAHave mature timber on your property that needs to be logged? Call us! Logging is one of the jobs we specialize in. When our logging experts come to your Poulsbo property your lumber will be removed, cut and managed in the most professional manner.

The tree service crews who do your logging work come to the job with:

  • In-depth knowledge and experience of logging
  • The latest equipment for cutting the timber
  • Genuine concern for conservation of the environment

We adopt the best logging practices and our logging process is designed to keep the land protected.

If you have any questions about tree services in Poulsbo and you want the assistance of a reputable company, call Western Washington Tree Service at (206) 316-9777.

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