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Tree Service for Sequim Property Owners

Tree Service Sequim WAWelcome to Five Star Tree Service, a competent and reliable tree service provider serving Sequim, WA. Whether your requirements include tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding or logging, we have you covered.

Healthy growth and attractive appearance of trees cannot be left to nature alone. Professional tree care plays a significant role in ensuring the well-being of trees. Call us for tree service in Sequim if you want the trees in your yard to:

  • Look well-shaped and majestic
  • Remain disease-free
  • Have a long life

With our well-trained staff, the latest tools and technologies plus affordable tree service prices, we are sure to do your job to your satisfaction.

Tree Removal for Sequim Fallen, Dead or Dangerous Trees

Tree Removal Sequim WAOur services for tree removal from Sequim properties are second to none. Trees grow to maturity after years of careful nurturing and tree removal is one of the last things that a property owner wants to happen. Still, there are many reasons for removing a tree from any property. Tree removal may be needed for:

  • Thinning the dense tree growth
  • Removing a dead or dying tree in danger of falling
  • Taking out a tree which is damaging the property’s utilities
  • Making room for a building addition or a new landscape element
  • Getting rid of already fallen trees

Call us to discuss your concerns about dangerous or unwanted trees and schedule a tree removal job. We can also provide logging services to help you save valuable lumber from the removed trees.

Need Logging Help in Sequim? Give Us a Call!

Logging Sequim WAWhen you need logging services, you look for professionals who can be trusted for maximizing the timber harvest. You also want your logging job to be completed:

  • Fast
  • Smoothly
  • Safely
  • Without any environmental violations

This is precisely what you get when you call us for logging help in Sequim. The logging services provided by our tree service company compare with those offered by a specialist logging company. We have invested in state-of-the-art logging equipment and skilled technicians with extensive experience doing logging work.

Our logging experts are well-aware of the local regulations governing the job and keep all the required safety guidelines in mind throughout the logging process. Trust us for seamless services for your logging job, no matter how big or small.

Why take chances with DIY tree removal in Sequim when Five Star Tree Service is here to help? We also provide logging and other tree services. Call (206) 316-9777.

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